Chematco Ltd.

高科化工有限公司在 1988 年於香港成立,起初的業務主要以供應電子化工產品為主,時至今日,高科化工是香港唯一配方生產及施工環氧樹脂、聚胺脂、聚脲及其他高分子聚合物等建築用化工物料的專業廠家,不論生產及施工程序均獲 ISO 9001 國際品質認証。高科化工一直致力創新,為所供應的產品及服務增值。高科化工使用獲獎的物料,並採用來自德國、美國及瑞典的先進器材設備,為客戶提供一站式服務。

Chematco Ltd. was established in 1988 as an electronics chemicals supplier in Hong Kong. Over the years, they have grown and diversified to become a leading ISO 9001 certified manufacturer, equipment and materials supplier, and specialist applicator of epoxy, PU, polyurea and other high performance materials for building construction and industrial applications. Through these years Chematco thrives on innovation and delivering value to customers. They use Award-winning materials and equipment from German, US, and Swedish, providing one-stop service to customers.