ER Esports

ER Esports是一個涵蓋電子競技市場中數個重要領域的電競集團。從電競設備、電競教育,電競資訊,賽事統籌,以至活動製作,務求結合真實與虛擬體育,並提高香港電競的專業性和推廣全民電競的理念。

ER Esports is a new concept e-sports enterprise that integrates e-sports training, experiencing through e-sports, promotion of e-sports and event planning. This unique and powerful combination aims to create an interwoven system covering key areas of the emerging e-sports market, from e-sports setup, training, education, e-sports information, event coordination and live event production to e-sports information of all types, with a view to enhancing the professionalism of e-sports in Hong Kong and promoting the concept of e-sports for all.