Shing Kee Lorry Transportation Co., Ltd.

成記貨灣電召有限公司成立於1975年,超過四十年歷史,是全香港最具規模的客貨車、尾板貨車租賃電召中心之一。除了提供一般點對點貨物運載服務,我們亦提供入倉提貨,入展散展,上樓幫搬,迷你倉儲運,辦公室 / 家居搬遷及寵物接送服務等;也歡迎以包鐘(無限次往來指定地區)模式租用。

The company was established in 1975. It is now one of the largest lorry and tail truck rental centres in Hong Kong. Apart from ordinary goods transport service, they also provide services like cargo collection, goods transportation for exhibition, home delivery, door-to-door storage, office/home moving, and pet transportation etc.; rent by hours is also welcomed for multiple trips between destinations.