Yuzhou Group

洲集團在1994年成立於廈門。砥礪耕耘25載,秉承“大禹治水,荒漠成洲”的先賢精神,禹洲已發展成為集房地產開發、商業投資運營、酒店運營、物業管理、金融、貿易為一體的多元化綜合性集團。 2009年11月,禹洲集團地產板塊禹洲地產在香港聯交所成功上市(股票代碼:01628.HK)。2016年,禹洲集團總部正式搬遷到上海。 2018年,禹洲全面啟動“千億征程,全國深耕”的戰略方針,向千億房企的目標邁進。禹洲集團創始人、董事局主席林龍安先生,帶領禹洲從無至有,從海西地區領軍房企發展成為多元化、大型綜合性集團企業,同時積極參與社會事務。

Yuzhou Group was established in Xiamen in 1994. Through 25 years of hard work and driven by the spirit of “taming floods and turning deserts into forests”, Yuzhou has developed into a diversified conglomerate integrating real estate development, commercial investment and operations, hotel operations, property management, finance and trade. In November 2009, Yuzhou Properties was successfully listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange (stock code: 01628.HK). In 2016, Yuzhou Group moved its headquarter to Shanghai. In 2018, the Group comprehensively launched the strategic policy of “A Journey to 100 Billion with Region Cultivation” and moved towards the goal of becoming a real estate enterprise with a business scale of RMB 100 billion. Mr. LAM Lung On, founder and Chairman of the Board of Directors of Yuzhou Group, has lead the Group since the beginning, from a benchmark enterprise to a diversified conglomerate. At the same time, he have been actively participating in social affairs.