HKPolyU Racing Team

We are the first team in Hong Kong to join the Formula Student Electric China competition. The competition is a large-scale collegiate design and manufacture competition about automotive engineering. We design, build, and test our own Formula-style racing car.

The team is supported by The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, the Faculty of Engineering and Industrial Centre. Our team involved students from different disciplines including engineering, business, and design. We attend the Formula Student Electric China competition in an annual base. At this stage, we are developing autonomous racing car as well.


Established in 2015 with 9 core engineering members, the team has now grown into a multi-disciplinary team with over 70 students from different years among current and past sessions. Their majors cover a wide range of the academia, including mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, electronic and information system, product analysis and engineering design, accountancy, marketing, enterprise information system, advertising design, product design, design and business management, fashion design etc. Besides, the team is fully backed up by over 20 experienced technicians from the PolyU Industrial Centre and professors from respective faculties who provide valuable opinion to us throughout the process.

UNique Strengths

Engineering from PolyU has long been in the top list of world rankings. The academic, employer reputation and research impact of the supporting faculties are globally recognized. Apart from that, the Industrial Centre of PolyU has equipped with advanced machinery and resources that help testing and building the race car. Together with the constructive advice and practical experience from proficient technicians, the team is strongly backed up in the aspect of manufacturing. Moreover, the team gained support from the formula sports industry. Different professionals and organizations are supporting the team by various means.


It was a huge step for the students to initiate a team and take part in such a large-scale international competition. We gained required knowledge bit-by-bit, every time we face obstacles, we work hard to overcome it. All works were done by the students, ranging from academic research and sponsorship seeking, to parts manufacturing and student recruitment. Throughout the process, connections are made and experience are gained. Finishing the competition was not the only thing we aimed. We hoped not only us, but also junior students and future students can benefit from joining the team. It is a very special experience. In the team, you will learn what is not written on the lecture notes; you will learn to work as how you would work after graduation. We hope to equip our student members in advance by inheriting our knowledge and experience. Overall, it is not an easy job, but the outcome would be fruitful. We hope to raise the aspirations of student members, to aim high in life, to improve oneself, and to achieve high.