2022 Season Student Recruitment Phase 1

Are you passionate about motorsports? Do you want to apply your engineering skills? You are looking for real-world experience of your area of expertise? We are the answer for you! No matter you are from the good old FEng, or from the School of Design. We are looking for passionate, motivated, and responsible individuals to join us. In phase 1 of our recruitment this season, we are looking for members to strengthen our Operation Team. Our engineering friends, do not worry, phase 2 of the recruitment will begin near the start of the coming semester. Stay tuned!

We work with many different companies in different areas of expertise. Joining our team will not only allow you to build a formula race car, you can also broaden your horizon and expand your connections, internally and externally. Our team is also a great stepping stone for you to be familiar with the practice in the relevant industry. Through the connections to different companies, you may get a chance to gain internship or even a job in our sponsor companies. You will be awarded Certificate of Appreciation from the team advisor to accredit your performance and dedication to the team.

Phase 1 of the 2022 recruitment will end on 19 Aug 2022.

We are looking for talents in the following positions:

OP2201: Blockchain / Smart Contract Developer & DAO analyst
OP2202: Engineering Consultant
OP2203: Graphic & Modelling Designer
OP2204: Host/Emcee/Model
OP2205: Photographer & Video Editor
OP2206: Project/Event Planner and Manager
OP2207: Public Relation/Sponsorship Manager
OP2208: Social Media/Marketing Manager
OP2209: Apparel Designer
OP2210: Treasury
OP2211: UX and UI Designer
OP2212: Full-Stack Developer

We encourage you to not be limited by the “Field of Study” if you have the relevant experience. The details of different positions are listed below:

OP2201Blockchain / Smart Contract Developer & DAO analyst
Job Description– Assist e-Cert issuing with blockchain tech enterprise
– Develop DAO application with POAP for transparent voting & team
community management (e.g. Discord, Telegram)
Field of Study– Computing, Electronic & Information Engineering
Requirements– Experienced in smart contract development

OP2202Engineering Consultant
Job Description– Liaise with Engineering subteams to understand their operational
– Assist rest of the operation team with engineering related tasks
Field of Study– Cover both Business & Engineering domains
Requirements– Preferred with actual engineering consulting experience for business development

OP2203Graphic & Modelling Designer
Job Description– Develop creative ideas and design 2D & 3D modelling materials for
online & offline promotional materials (e.g. posters, banners, booklets,
name cards)
– Communicate and coordinate with the team on design requirements
Field of Study– Any discipline
Requirements– Experienced in Adobe Photoshop & Illustrator
– Preferred with Blender or any other 3D model design software

Job Description– Assist in Public / Dynamic Rollout events
– Enhance team image with good impression
Field of Study– Any discipline
Requirements– Preferred with host / emcee / model experience

OP2205Photographer & Video Editor
Job Description– Photo taking of events, race cars, and engineering subteams working
in the garage
– Video taking of event and promotional contents
– Editing of videos and photos
Field of Study– Any discipline
Requirements– Preferred with photo / video taking & editing experience
– Strongly encourage candidate to participate ESP studio training if no
prior experience

OP2206Project/Event Planner and Manager
Job Description– Plan short-to-mid term objectives for projects and events
– Manage the progress of projects
– Ensure the end-goal of the project is met or preparation for an event
is adequate
Field of Study– Business / Logistics Management
Requirements– Preferred with project & event PIC experience

OP2207Public Relation/Sponsorship Manager
Job Description– Review existing sponsorships and maintain contact
– Reach out to potential sponsors
– Work with Engineering subteams and Engineering Consultant to find
sponsorship the team needs
– Oversee and organise publications such as newsletter and social
media posts
Field of Study– Any discipline
Requirements– Preferred with strong business network & prior sponsorship seeking

OP2208Social Media/Marketing Manager
Job Description– Plan out social media publishing schedule and contents
– Work with Engineering subteams and Engineering Consultant for
contents to be posted
– Collect and analyse the needs of (potential) sponsors
– Assist in production of promotional materials (including posters,
banners, booklets)
Field of Study– Marketing Management
Requirements– Preferred with social media account (e.g. Facebook, Instagram,
LinkedIn, Twitter, WeChat) strategic growth & hands-on management

OP2209Apparel Designer
Job Description– Design apparel for the team (e.g. T-shirt for Summer, Hoodie for
– Enhance team branding with apparel design
Field of Study– Fashion & Textiles
Requirements– Preferred with apparel design & production experience

Job Description– Manage the financials of the team to ensure a healthy prospect
– Keeping track of expenses and incomes
– Communicate and coordinate with Engineering subteams and
Engineering Consultant to prepare year budgets
Field of Study– Accounting & Finance
Requirements– Preferred with working experience in accounting firm or with
standard industry accounting & bookkeeping practice

OP2211UX and UI Designer
Job Description– Brainstorm application flow to cater for different user needs
– Design Website / Mobile App interface
Field of Study– Multimedia Technology Design
Requirements– Experienced with Figma
– Preferred with Adobe Photoshop & Illustrator experience as well

OP2212Full-Stack Developer
Job Description– Assist in team official website CMS development & maintenance
– Develop an online job board to match sub-engineering team talents
with enterprises focusing on automobile & racing industry
– Develop or use APIs for job opportunity announcement function in
team Discord & Telegram channels
Field of Study– Computing, Electronic & Information Engineering
Requirements– Familiar with CMS technology (e.g. WordPress, Wix)
– Experienced in React, GraphQL, & AWS for hybrid application