What is FSAE?

Formula SAE is an international collegiate design and manufacture competition about automotive engineering for undergraduate and graduate students, it is often referred as the cradle of automotive engineers. It is held globally each year in 5 continents in over 13 countries with over 570 teams worldwide. The competition promotes careers and excellence in engineering design and project management skills as it encompasses all aspects of the automotive industry including research, design, manufacturing, testing, developing, marketing, management, and finances.


The concept behind is that a fictional manufacturing company has contracted a design team to develop a small Formula-style electric race car which means students need to build their own race car for competition and the prototype race car is to be evaluated for its potential as a production item. The vehicle will be inspected in a series of tests to ensure it complies with the competition rules; in addition, the vehicle with driver will be judged in a number of performance tests on track. The rest of the judging is completed by experts from motorsports, automotive, aerospace and supplier industries on student design, cost and sales presentations. Formula Student China(FSC) was organized since 2010 and Formula Student Electric China (FSEC) was separated out in 2015 in view of the trend of new energy.