Lam Tsuen Wishing Place


Lam Tsuen is formed in the Song dynasty with a vast territory covering 26 villages. The wishing tree is located to the right of Lam Tsuen Tin Hau Temple. It was colorful as a flower when observed from afar. The wishing tree was two camphor trees with an altar worshipping Tudi (God of the Soil and the Ground). However due to aging its branches withered and trunk emptied. The story goes that there was one faithful worshipper whose child had bad performance and no progress in school, after worshipping the tree, the child suddenly became clever and had good results in school. Such that, many people were attracted to visit this place and worship, including foreign tourists. The whishing tree is now one of the tourist attractions in Hong Kong. During holidays and Lunar New Year, the place will bustle with people and visitors.