OP2201Blockchain / Smart Contract Developer & DAO analyst
Job Description– Assist e-Cert issuing with blockchain tech enterprise
– Develop DAO application with POAP for transparent voting & team
community management (e.g. Discord, Telegram)
Field of Study– Computing, Electronic & Information Engineering
Requirements– Experienced in smart contract development

OP2202Engineering Consultant
Job Description– Liaise with Engineering subteams to understand their operational
– Assist rest of the operation team with engineering related tasks
Field of Study– Cover both Business & Engineering domains
Requirements– Preferred with actual engineering consulting experience for business development

OP2203Graphic & Modelling Designer
Job Description– Develop creative ideas and design 2D & 3D modelling materials for
online & offline promotional materials (e.g. posters, banners, booklets,
name cards)
– Communicate and coordinate with the team on design requirements
Field of Study– Any discipline
Requirements– Experienced in Adobe Photoshop & Illustrator
– Preferred with Blender or any other 3D model design software

Job Description– Assist in Public / Dynamic Rollout events
– Enhance team image with good impression
Field of Study– Any discipline
Requirements– Preferred with host / emcee / model experience

OP2205Photographer & Video Editor
Job Description– Photo taking of events, race cars, and engineering subteams working
in the garage
– Video taking of event and promotional contents
– Editing of videos and photos
Field of Study– Any discipline
Requirements– Preferred with photo / video taking & editing experience
– Strongly encourage candidate to participate ESP studio training if no
prior experience

OP2206Project/Event Planner and Manager
Job Description– Plan short-to-mid term objectives for projects and events
– Manage the progress of projects
– Ensure the end-goal of the project is met or preparation for an event
is adequate
Field of Study– Business / Logistics Management
Requirements– Preferred with project & event PIC experience

OP2207Public Relation/Sponsorship Manager
Job Description– Review existing sponsorships and maintain contact
– Reach out to potential sponsors
– Work with Engineering subteams and Engineering Consultant to find
sponsorship the team needs
– Oversee and organise publications such as newsletter and social
media posts
Field of Study– Any discipline
Requirements– Preferred with strong business network & prior sponsorship seeking

OP2208Social Media/Marketing Manager
Job Description– Plan out social media publishing schedule and contents
– Work with Engineering subteams and Engineering Consultant for
contents to be posted
– Collect and analyse the needs of (potential) sponsors
– Assist in production of promotional materials (including posters,
banners, booklets)
Field of Study– Marketing Management
Requirements– Preferred with social media account (e.g. Facebook, Instagram,
LinkedIn, Twitter, WeChat) strategic growth & hands-on management

OP2209Apparel Designer
Job Description– Design apparel for the team (e.g. T-shirt for Summer, Hoodie for
– Enhance team branding with apparel design
Field of Study– Fashion & Textiles
Requirements– Preferred with apparel design & production experience

Job Description– Manage the financials of the team to ensure a healthy prospect
– Keeping track of expenses and incomes
– Communicate and coordinate with Engineering subteams and
Engineering Consultant to prepare year budgets
Field of Study– Accounting & Finance
Requirements– Preferred with working experience in accounting firm or with
standard industry accounting & bookkeeping practice

OP2211UX and UI Designer
Job Description– Brainstorm application flow to cater for different user needs
– Design Website / Mobile App interface
Field of Study– Multimedia Technology Design
Requirements– Experienced with Figma
– Preferred with Adobe Photoshop & Illustrator experience as well

OP2212Full-Stack Developer
Job Description– Assist in team official website CMS development & maintenance
– Develop an online job board to match sub-engineering team talents
with enterprises focusing on automobile & racing industry
– Develop or use APIs for job opportunity announcement function in
team Discord & Telegram channels
Field of Study– Computing, Electronic & Information Engineering
Requirements– Familiar with CMS technology (e.g. WordPress, Wix)
– Experienced in React, GraphQL, & AWS for hybrid application